25yrs old//avl,nc
lover, father, track bikes, commuting, cooking,
herbs, tattoos, skateboards, music & graphic design


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Oct 16th

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Sep 23rd


Aug 21st

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waking up today; discontent
am I the best at pushing people away?

I’ve never found anyone more attractive after finding out you will give me my first child. everyday you glow
I just want to love you

I have no ambition to write anymore

Mar 27th

who dat?

meeting up at 10pm riding out around 10:30-45 usually!!

every fucking week..come out

What times the zoot loop tomorrow boi?
by Anonymous

Rainier Schaefer doing the damn thang

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Jan 10th
a night of adventuring with my buddy Robbie.

a night of adventuring with my buddy Robbie.

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I was just another letter in the alphabet..
but then I accepted life for what it is and learned to love, with a soul who compliments my energy, and who also works on the same frequency as I.

Nov 30th
Nov 28th

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Trioscapes-Blast Off

I don’t understand how someone can shred the fucking saxophone so god damn hard.

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Nov 25th

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I’ve been looking for this.


I’ve been looking for this.

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